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Fabric Banners

Fabric Banner Printing

  • ● Hanging ceiling displays
  • ● Conferences and meetings
  • ● Indoor sings
  • ● Custom décor and art
  • ● Setting ambiance in your shop
  • ● Business advertising and marketing needs
  • ● Vibrant and accurate colors
  • ● Sturdy and professional presentation
  • ● Large-scale signs

Fabric banners add a real sense of professionalism and class to your presentation. They’re ideal for indoor use, as they give you a beautiful, soft look and don’t have any glare problems. They’re constructed of a heavy-knit cloth whose weight allows it to beautifully hang. The cloth takes printing ink incredibly well, and will provide an outstanding and gorgeous finish for your graphics, colors and text.

Fabric banners are normally hung from poles and will come with top and bottom pole sleeves sewn right into the banner, so there’s no fuss, no muss, and no worries about how you’re going to get them up. We can also provide poles, or if you prefer we can put eyelets in for use with rope or string. It’s recommended to place a smaller pole or weight in the bottom to help the banner hang straight and true.

While better for indoor use, fabric banners can also be used outdoors and have up to 5 years of life in sunlight. They can be cut to a variety of sizes, all the way up to 50 inches wide and 20 feet long. You can design your fabric using your favorite graphic program and upload the files straight to us, allowing us to get started printing right away using our eco-friendly methods from our San Francisco Bay area factory.

For more information on our fabric banners, or to place an order, get in touch with us today!

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