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Falcon Flags

Falcon Flag Printing

  • ● Constant 24/7 Brand Exposure
  • ● Low-cost investment
  • ● Versatile business assets
  • ● Portability
  • ● Ease of display
  • ● Outstanding for outdoor events

Feather flags are large flags designed for outdoor display using a spiked pole driven into the ground. However, an X-base is also available for indoor display and use on concrete and hard ground surfaces where a spike pole is inconvenient or impossible.

You’ll design a custom banner with your own special artwork, specific to your company, product or message, and we’ll print it on a polyester mesh fabric with special dye sublimation process. The inks will completely saturate the material so that it bleeds through for gorgeous single-sided displays. We then sew flag trim over the pole side edge to create a special pocket for the pole to be inserted. We will also install grommets at the bottom of the trim, so you can easily loop a short bungee cord through and secure the graphic securely to the base.

Our flags displays are ideal for any business where you’re looking to create an eye-catching presence. Free-flying flags are always ideal attention-getters, more so even than banners. People see them flying overhead and are drawn to the display to see what the message might be. With bright, vibrant and clear graphics, it’s impossible not to see a flag waving in the breeze!

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, we’re ready to help with all your custom advertising and signage needs. We offer free delivery if you meet minimum order threshold, and can even handle same day last minute orders, with pickup available right at our factory. Let us know if you want delivery to the hotel or meeting location of your choice! Get in touch for more information or to place your order today.

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