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Falconboard Posters

Falconboard Poster Printing

  • ● Rigid free-standing displays
  • ● Indoor signage
  • ● Contour-cut displays and standees
  • ● A variety of unique designs
  • ● Varying thickness requirements
  • ● Business advertising and marketing
  • ● Trade shows, conferences and conventions

Every day, more eco-friendly options enter the marketplace for those looking to keep their business responsible. Falconboard is a new material that is as rigid as gatorboard and as cost effective as standard foam core, but is also completely environmentally friendly. It’s 100% recyclable, rigid and printable, and offers outstanding performance in situations where you might normally use foam board or Gatorboard.

Falconboard is rigid and stable, and offers a flat, strong and durable platform for all your printing needs. It allows for superb quality printing with bright colors, sharp contrast and fine lines. It’s environmentally responsible and is primarily composed of renewable forest resources which are 100% recyclable. It has been approved by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which indicates that it is comprised of post-consumer recycled fibers, renewable and virgin materials.

Falconboard is ideal for interior signage, 3-D display work, and any applications where you need outstanding print quality combined with a rigid and lightweight medium. It’s been structurally engineered to handle demanding mounting and media requirements and the creation of very large three-dimensional structures. It’s made from two card-stock faces pressed to a honeycombed paper core. While similar to cardboard, it’s actually much stronger, and is much more resistant to bending or breakage than foam core counterparts. It’s also completely biodegradable.

We support many businesses in the San Francisco Bay area with all of their advertising, marketing and display work needs, and we carry a range of Falconboard offerings. Whatever size or cut you need, we can handle it. We offer same-day services with pickup at our factory. We can deliver your signs or displays directly to hotels and meeting centers. We even offer free shipping if you meet minimum order requirements. Contact us for more information today!

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