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Mesh Banners

Mesh Banner Printing

  • ● Outdoor signage
  • ● Resisting high-wind areas
  • ● Durability
  • ● Visibility
  • ● Highly customizable signs
  • ● Any marketing or advertising use
  • ● Portable and sturdy

Do you do a great deal of outdoor meetings where you have to deal with windy conditions? Many people place wind slits in their banners to stop them from flapping around, but the drawback to this is that wind slits can create tears in the banner which can quickly ruin it. A better solution for those in need of high-quality, eye-catching banners that are outstanding for outdoor use in high-wind areas is to use mesh banners.

Mesh banners are comprised of crisscrossed hatches of fiber which are translucent to an extent, but which allow the air to blow straight through the banner without causing it to flap around or pull free. When printed in full-color, these banners are nearly as brilliant and eye-catching as solid fabric banners, and they’re far better when you need something that will withstand the requirements of heavy outdoor use.

Mesh banners can be cut to just about any size you like, and can hold any graphic design you desire, no matter how many colors, how detailed the art, or how much text you want. Edges are heat-welded to avoid fraying, and grommets are ideal for hanging these displays.

We’re pleased to offer mesh banners to all of our Bay area clients. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area and you need a last-minute same-day job, just let us know and you can pick it up right at our factory. We also ship to hotels, convention halls and meeting facilities, and if you meet minimum purchase requirements, we offer completely free shipping! Get in touch with us online to place your order or for more information about mesh banners today.

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