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Styrene Posters

Styrene Posters Printing

  • ● Banner art
  • ● Advertising displays
  • ● Point of purchase needs
  • ● Business branding and marketing
  • ● Interior or exterior signage
  • ● Eco-friendly businesses
  • ● Any sort of graphic or photo
  • ● Resilient, rigid and long-lasting display graphics
  • ● Cost-effective for small businesses

If you’re looking for a stunning, high-quality and environmentally friendly way to create media for your business, you couldn’t ask for a better material than conVerd board. This rigid paper-board is 100% recyclable and is ideal for all manner of structural signage you need in wide format. It offers a bright white finish, it’s dimensionally stable and has a very high degree of rigidity, for both indoor and outdoor (short term) use. It’s great for signs, point-of-purchase applications and more.

Many other recycled boards sacrifice quality for cost. They’re low-quality and are made from old corrugated cardboard that has been bleached white. This material will warp and will provide a much lower quality look for your signage. Unlike OCC board, conVerd board is comprised of 10% recycled post-consumer waste, which means it’s an astoundingly sustainable material which doesn’t sacrifice the surface characteristics or print quality you need for your POP, advertising or other signage needs.

Your conVerd board signage will be resistant to moisture, will not warp, and will maintain outstanding stability during any normal humidity and temperature changes which could negatively affect even other rigid media. It’s designed for easy die cutting as well as guillotine cuts and a wide range of other CNC router i-cut devices. It can be mounted with grommets, frames, easels, hook-and-latch, tape, suction cups or just about any form of mounting. It’s completely acid free as well, to protect your imagery.

We are pleased to offer custom conVerd board posters for all your wide-format business needs. You’ll receive high-quality, bright and eye-catching graphics, and we can size to your needs. We’re located in the San Francisco Bay area and we can handle same-day jobs. We offer free delivery with a minimum order, or allow pickup from our factory. Contact us for more information today!

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