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Gator Board Posters

Gator Board Poster Printing

  • ● Marketing and advertising
  • ● Home décor and artwork
  • ● Family photos
  • ● Arts and crafts
  • ● Innovative, sturdy branding displays
  • ● Trade shows
  • ● Indoor signage
  • ● Interior design
  • ● POP signs
  • ● And more!

You may have heard the term “gator board” used synonymously with foam board. The truth is, there’s a difference between the two. While all gator board is foam board, not all foam board is gator board. Gator Board is a specific kind of foam core that’s the strongest available on the market today. It’s exceptionally dense and ridged and offers superior resistance to bending, denting and damage. Best of all, it’s incredibly affordable and is capable of holding very high quality imagery.

Gator Board offers a wealth of advantages to those looking to create sturdy and durable presentation or marketing displays which can be used time and again without the risk of breakage or damage. It’s a lightweight, very rigid material which contains a foam core (or center) with semi-gloss paper backing on each side. It comes in thicknesses of 3/16” or 1/2” and can be cut to any custom size you want. It’s also suitable for single- or dual-sided printing.

One of the biggest advantages of Gator Board is that it doesn’t require framing to protect or present the piece—it’s sturdy and robust enough to hang exactly as printed, with no additional protection or decoration required. It is also capable of holding very high quality graphics with vibrant colors and sharp lines and contrast.

At the Poster Print Center we pride ourselves in providing quality marketing materials to the entire San Francisco Bay area. We can handle same-day jobs, deliver direct to hotels or meeting places, and even offer pickup from our factory or free shipping with a minimum order. Send us a message for more information or to get a quote today!

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