Print MarketingAll modern marketers unanimously shout that now the world needs only digital advertising, and everything else is just auxiliary methods.

However, they forgot to mention that most of it concern big business. But small business clients need to know that they can find what they need on the next street or in their area. In addition, not all consumers of your product will go looking for you on the Internet, since older people generally either do not use it or devote too little time to it. In such cases, traditional attention-grabbing techniques such as print marketing are the way to go.

One of the clear benefits of print advertising is that it works best for middle-aged people, who are the most solvent part of the population now.

Business Cards

Business cards and flyers help you quickly get into the heart of your client, that is, into his wallet. It is also one of the simplest print marketing ideas.

Especially valuable for the person of your target audience is a special attitude towards him. The effect of exclusivity can be achieved by placing the following line on the print advertising: only (date or time) to the flyer bearer a huge discount/gift. The buyer needs to know that you remember him and are ready to make concessions. So they will buy your products with pleasure. 

However, remember that such a cheap method is not able to bring numerous people to you.

On the other hand, it is inexpensive, so it will easily pay for itself.

In any case, it is worth treating business cards and flyers as additional advertising.

A tip from our team: choose thicker print marketing materials, or your efforts will be wasted.

Posters And Banners

In addition to posters and banners, there are other types of outdoor advertising, such as huge billboards, signs, advertising on public transport, and adjacent stops.

The widespread use of outdoor advertising is justified by the fact that it makes it possible to attract the attention of a wide audience of potential buyers.

Printed products that will subsequently be placed on the streets of the city must meet certain requirements and perform such functions as:

  • have a catchy concept;
  • be understandable, readable, informative for a large contingent of the population;
  • grab the attention of buyers.

The most expensive way to promote your small business, but also the most productive. Especially if you guess with the design.

It is important to remember that advertising must be customer-centric. Think about what phrases, colors, and pictures you could not take your eyes off.

Also, it's worth figuring out where to place your banners and posters. Here, print marketing is guided by the principle of relevance. 

Let's say that you sell firewood, grills, grates, and liquids for ignition. In this case, you should not place your advertisement where a person cannot use it, for example, near office buildings and business centers. It is better to look for a place near nature trips, not far from you. If you have opened your bar, then do not place billboards near kindergartens and schools. But close to student buildings and the cultural center of the city - the very thing.

An extremely cunning and effective trick of the business owner is the natural emergence of demand for your product when a person already knows what he needs, and you just seize the moment and offer to buy what he needs right away.

On another hand, you still need to study what places there are with a large crowd of people in your locality. A little tip for you in case you find it difficult to decide: choose the streets with the busiest traffic and frequent traffic jams.

Loyalty Cards

The loyalty program, of course, does not only include discount cards. However, they are the fundamental basis for their work.

First, the owner of the company has to learn how to identify customers to find a special, not trivial approach to him. To do this, small businesses use plastic loyalty cards, identifying regular customers by their phone number. Setting up such a system will take a certain amount of time and financial investments, but it helps to lure the target audience with a system of bonuses and incentives if it is configured correctly.

Moreover, knowing the information about the identity of the buyer, in the future you will be able to connect and digital advertising, for example, congratulate you on your birthday by SMS, make special offers to customers, focusing on the history and frequency of their purchases.

Floor Graphics

Graffiti is one of the most popular forms of street art. A drawing or writing on the floor right in front of a potential buyer will reinforce the positive impact of all other outdoor and personalized advertising.

There are only 3 print advertising examples of this kind to create:

  • Tagging is a simple inscription with the name of a company or store. In our opinion, it does not look very aesthetically pleasing, and the efficiency will be extremely low.
  • Stencil drawing is a fast and easily repeatable drawing. Perhaps it will be more effective if the text itself for the advertisement is composed correctly.
  • Spray art is a method that is worth taking note of, as it will attract clients who are amazed by how the drawing is executed and its originality.


This method of advertising reminds us of business cards and flyers, but differs from inefficiency and information content. They are an effective tool by which manufacturers provide a potential consumer with complete information about services or goods. Often they are sent by mail, hand out in crowded places, or placed on a stand near the store.

There are a few tips on how to advertise with print marketing by booklet:

  • gradient design - it catches the eye of the viewer, over saturated with absurd advertising.
  • confirmation of words with visual material - it has been proven that a person remembers text information much easier if supported by illustrations and small icons.
  • bright colors to highlight calls to action and the most important messages - you may remember how you took notes in notebooks and synopses during your studies. When you had to firmly memorize what you wrote down, you would highlight different blocks of information in different colors, wouldn't you?
  • placement of the company card in the booklet - you can instantly solve the problem with finding your company, especially if you are in a difficult-to-see place.

Well, we hope to have helped you with the question “how to make my print marketing success?”. Now feel free to use our tips from the list, advertise, engage your audience and improve your business. We sincerely wish you the best of luck!