Business event banners can rightfully be considered one of the most effective types of outdoor advertising. This is especially true of the entertainment industry and the owners of companies responsible for organizing events.

If this is your case, you should remember that a poster hanging on the street is your primary way of attracting passers-by in addition to advertising on the Internet. However, not everything is as simple as it might seem to you at first glance.

When you work on creating design event banners, you may have many questions and difficulties because they must correspond to the general aim of your marketing strategy. It can be the elephant in the room, but keep in mind that your entire image as a company is based on such small advertising details.

Even if you are more targeting your audience on social media using SEO, this does not mean that you need to forget about event signs and banners. According to the survey, more than 70% of buyers choose a company paying attention to the signs at the entrance. However, it must be implemented aesthetically and efficiently. Otherwise, it will not give the desired effect. Moreover, it is essential to find the perfect place for your piece of the ad. 

Dos of Event Banners

We have compiled a detailed explanation, especially for you, of what deserves your attention and requires additional thought. So, here is a list of actions standing before you concerning the production of event banners design:

 1. Target the audience.

Remember: the client is your king and god, which means you must do everything to please him.

You may be interested in one design style, but if your potential buyer appreciates something different in the ad, you should put aside personal preferences. For example, you will never be able to draw attention to your company organizing children's parties and increase sales if you create event banners in a minimalistic style that is boring for children. Families most often respond to headlines and pictures that are cheerful, bright, and fun. It is quite another matter if, for example, you arrange weddings, bake cakes, etc. In this case, we advise you to choose a light, aesthetic, maybe even slightly conservative design with beautiful inscriptions and unobtrusive photographs.

 2. Business personalization comes first.

Generalized information on advertising event banners and signs will not have any effect. For example, if you write on a poster outside "the Bistro", don't expect crowds of visitors to pound your door. But if you also place an advertisement for special offers and promotions on the image, it will work.

Don't be like your competitors when it comes to advertising. To achieve uniqueness and high profitability, you need to make your ad personal, unique.

3. Use quality materials.

Before you start hanging a few custom event banners near a store or company, made at a discount and very quickly, think about whether this will ruin your image.

According to surveys, most visitors notice the quality of an advertising poster on a subconscious level, which makes them mentally classify the institution as "cheap places".

Work with professionals to avoid such a negative impact on the client. Do not rush the craftsmen when completing the order; do not demand that they make you half the price and keep the quality.

It would be perfect if you had a banner not only for years but for centuries, so stick to this recommendation.

The cost of advertising will pay off in a month, and the eye will delight for several more years with good care.

 4. The devil is in the details.

Make sure to add the logo or the name of your company. Otherwise, it will be a statement without an addressee, an empty shot.

The rule plays a role for small businesses since, due to their low popularity and low income, they cannot afford not to mention their name or logo, unlike world leaders.

 5. Size matters.

One of the first efficient decisions you will have to make is to size the event standing banners.

Where will you put a poster? Will the poster fit in for sure?  

All the questions listed above usually accompany you if you do not approach the choice of the poster size from a rational point of view.

6. Color matters too.

Choosing a color is an asterisk task, frankly. In a nutshell, you will need to learn about the psychology of color, its effect on the human brain, and the color palette and combinations.

How do you know that colors and shades will look good together? Open the color wheel and see which colors are opposite, the same tonality, or located perpendicularly. These patterns will go well with each other.

A good selection of colors based on the parameters described above can work perfectly!

Don'ts of Event Banners 

Now is the time to deal with the bad decisions you might make out of ignorance.

 1. Do not fill all the "air" on the canvas.

Your ad needs to be lively for you to attract customers. However, with too posh design, you risk scaring passers-by with excessive aggressiveness, persistence, and tastelessness. 

 2. Don't make your banner too small.

An overabundance of words makes your potential clients tired and indifferent to what you are going to promote. A short and catchy phrase will work best.

 3. Don't put a font parade on your banner.

In simple terms, restrain your urge to fit all the cool fonts humanity has come up with in your ads.

In general, it is a terrible idea for a small business offline advertising strategy. Without spoiling your marketing strategy, the most you can afford is to put two or three fonts on your banner.

Hopefully our recommendations will help you gain customer attention and profit. Prosperity to your small business!