Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. How to Make a Custom Wallpaper

    custom photo printed wallpaperToday, there are many unusual walls covering options. To choose the wallpaper for an apartment, you need to learn to distinguish them according to aesthetic data, texture, and style. Besides, you should take into account the condition of the walls, the practicality of the wallpaper, their design, and general look. Only after that, you can be sure that the renovation of the apartment will delight the eyes of the owners and guests for many years. And the dilemma begins, which wallpaper is better, which one to choose? In this article, we will help you figure it out.

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  2. How to Print on Plastic

    print on plasticEvery day we receive a lot of promotional materials printed on paper such as business cards, flyers, booklets, and others. Most of them are lost among other similar ones or even completely thrown away. Therefore, every marketer dreams of a perfect way to stand out. So, how about trying to print on plastic? It is unusual and stylish.

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