custom photo printed wallpaperToday, there are many unusual walls covering options. To choose the wallpaper for an apartment, you need to learn to distinguish them according to aesthetic data, texture, and style. Besides, you should take into account the condition of the walls, the practicality of the wallpaper, their design, and general look. Only after that, you can be sure that the renovation of the apartment will delight the eyes of the owners and guests for many years. And the dilemma begins, which wallpaper is better, which one to choose? In this article, we will help you figure it out.

Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to find the wallpaper that works perfectly with your room design. Then, custom photo printed wallpaper come in handy.

Be sure, modern wallpapers’ printing capabilities can embody all of your daring ideas. After all, you can choose any design. The designer, at your request, can correct it following your requirements. As a result, you will receive a unique wallpaper.

The wallpaper will be printed for the exact sizes of your apartment. The advantage is that you don't have to waste time looking for suitable sizes or trim excess. 

Bear in mind the Poster Print Center guarantees the highest quality posters and wallpapers printing. Contact us, the administrators and designers will help you create a perfect wallpaper design and suggest the information you are interested in. 

Can I print my own wallpaper?

Nowadays, personal wallpaper is an inexpensive and creative alternative to traditional wallpapers. You can surf the internet and find almost a dozen online stores that can print whatever you want in a short period. There are only two options you should consider to get high-quality printed wallpaper for walls. 

First, you should select an image you own. The thing is, the reputable printing services would ask to confirm that you owe these images. If the image is not yours, then it is necessary to get written permission from the author.  

The second and most difficult factor is to choose a trustworthy company to print your piece of art. A Poster Print Center is ready to cover all your custom wallpaper printing needs. 

Where can I print my own wallpaper?

As was mentioned above, Poster Print Center is a reputable printing service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having a great experience in this sphere, they produce unique pieces of wall arts in a short period and for a reasonable price. They use vivid colors and outstanding quality graphics. Nobody would be indifferent to your custom photo wallpaperOrder now and pick up the same day or take advantage of the free delivery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

What kind of paper is wallpaper printed on?

The most common materials for printing photo wallpaper are paper, self-adhesive films, and banner fabric. The most inexpensive and easiest way to print photo wallpaper is a plain paper. As a rule, the back of the paper is slightly looser for easy gluing. The side to be printed is semi-glossy. 

The image on paper looks quite juicy. Besides, it is an inexpensive and convenient type of printing. The peculiarity lies in the fact that you must apply the paper material to absolutely flat walls.

Another popular material for photo wallpaper is self-adhesive. Self-adhesive films are available in both matte and glossy. The film has a waxed backing that protects the adhesive layer. It is very thin and is ideal for pasting furniture and other interior details such as glass or doors.

Self-adhesive foil is excellent for interior decoration. If you have a flawlessly smooth wall, the film will be a perfect material for photo wallpaper.

However, the most common and popular material for photo wallpaper printing is vinyl and non-woven wallpaper. In essence, it differs based on the substrate. It can be paper or non-woven.

Non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric or woven material, and the paper base is made of cellulose. In one case or another, a non-woven texture is applied to the wallpaper. At the same time, the texture of the wallpaper can be completely different. It can be fine sand, just a smooth surface, oil painting texture, linen, canvas, bamboo, as well as textures imitating rime or other interesting surfaces. And, depending on the type of image, it is possible to choose a texture suitable for the style.

Among other printing materials, one can distinguish vinyl or banner fabrics. Printing on vinyl fabric is stretched over a decorative frame and fixed to the wall. After choosing the print material, it is the right time to choose the drawing. The customer finds a suitable image. It must have a sufficiently high resolution. The designer will process the image and send it to print.

How much does a custom wallpaper cost?

Digital methods of obtaining a pattern on the wallpaper are distinguished by a rather high cost of printing one roll. However, these costs are usually offset by eliminating the cost of making printing plates, which was inevitable with earlier printing methods.

The finite cost of your custom wallpaper depends on the size and material of printing. When you find or create the wallpaper you want, you can order it here, on the Poster Print Center website, where you should pay for the purchase. Wherever you place your order, our studio will create wallpapers in full accordance with your wishes and deliver them to the place of your choice (which you indicate when placing the order). Safe and convenient! 


If you decide to renovate your apartment, or just freshen up the interior, custom wallpapers are perfect for this. So, do not hesitate and create unique designs and wallpaper right now. Poster Print Center is ready to get you up and running.