How To Remove DecalsDecals are a great way for advertising as well as a unique method to represent your own creativity. They are bright and interesting, however, they can get bored quickly. There is where a stage of removing comes. But sometimes it is not an as easy task as it may seem – you need to make an effort for removing decals from a different surface such as glass, metal, or porcelain. Here are great methods with which you will easily get rid of the stickers.

How to remove car decals?

You need to treat the car paint carefully because it is quite easy to get damaged while removing the stickers. The first step is cleaning the area where the decal is – use for this purpose water with soap and a soft sponge. Soapy water is a great cleanser from any dirt or oily spots on the surface of the vehicle.

The next step is heating the decal with a hairdryer that will help to pull it off easily. Be sure the temperature is not very high. Then, use a soft plastic knife, scraper, or something that is not sharp for peeling the sticker. Keep in mind that any sharp-edged metal item will increase the risk of scratching car paint.

Whether the sticker is removed, use a special remover for cleaning up the residue. However, it won't suit every car exterior paint. Since then, you can easily use soapy water for removing the leftovers from the surface of your vehicle. Using gentle cleaning agents is a key to get successful decal removal, especially when it comes to car surfaces.

How to remove wall decals?

Whether you want to get rid of decals on the walls, a hairdryer will be a useful thing. All you need to do is heat it up – be careful because such dryers may damage the wall paint. It will be appropriate to use low heat settings. Then, use soapy water to clean up the leftovers or use a special glue remover. You will also need to test a remover on the small part of the wall to make sure it won't cause damage to the dye.

How to remove boat decals?

The experts recommend working with vinyl decals in warm weather – over 60 degrees Fahrenheit will be perfect. First, use a hairdryer for heating the sticker until it becomes soft and pliant. Start to neatly pull up a decal using a plastic scraper and continue to heat. When the decal is fully removed, you need to clean up the leftovers. Whether you are sure that the acetone works well on the boat surface, use it for cleaning the residue. Still, you can use a special adhesive remover too.

How to remove window decals?

Keep in mind that heating the window glass while removing decals can lead to window breaking. This way, try to neatly remove a decal without previously heating a glass. Whether the sticker doesn't yield, try to use a liner cutting tool, razor blade, or vinyl chipper. It won't cut glass, but help you to cope with decals. Then remove the left glue stains with any cleaning or glue removing agent.

How to remove decals from bike?

The way of removing the decals from the bike will be also suitable for car surfaces. So, it first goes for sawing a sticker with a cleaning agent, as WD-40 until it soaked. Then, use a hairdryer for heating up the decal until it becomes pliable. Start to peel off the sticker from one corner without ceasing to heat a site. Continue to strip a sticker. When it peeled off, clean a surface with the same cleaning agent or by water with soap.

How to remove decals from plastic?

The first step is soaking the sticker with soapy water for at least 15 minutes. Or you may use acetone or vinegar instead. Neatly peel off the decal from one corner. Then, wipe an area with a soft sponge to clean all the glue stains. If there are still leftovers, use a plastic scraper to clean up the glue that is left. The last step is to wipe the area with a cloth with soapy water. Well done!

How to remove water slide decals?

First, peel off a water slide decal with a plastic scraper or something like this. Scrape only a part of a sticker that is exposed, peeling off and chipping. Then, soak an area for at least 1 minute with a sponge and hot water. Start to do a neat scrubbing move to clean up the decal that is left. Finally, wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth.

How to remove decals from glass doors?

The heating will work great in that case, but be careful with high temperatures. Heat the area where is a decal for a few minutes until the sticker gets pliant. 

Then, peel it off with a plastic scraper or just by using your fingers. A dull knife will also suit the glass surface since it won't cause any damage. After completely removing the decal, some glue stains can be left anyway, so clean an area with glue removing agent or soapy water to get rid of them.

How to remove floor decals

Start with trying to peel off a decal for your own. Don't use any sharp items since they can easily scratch the surface – use a soft plastic scraper or just your credit card. If the decal is still stubborn, use some warmth from a hairdryer, for instance. Then, clean glue leftovers with a soft sponge and soapy water. Use rubbing alcohol, whether the decal doesn't get exposed. When the decal is removed, wipe a floor surface with a soft, dry cloth.