A-Board SignsNowadays, A-Board Signs are a popular method of presenting information. Signs are bought by pragmatic and smart businessmen - this is the right and quick return on investment. With today's cost of goods and services, even one purchase, one customer can fully recoup all costs associated with the purchase of the A-Board signs. Many people are tempted by the cheap board for signs because they think it's a good way to save and get the same result. Do you know about all the nuances that will be waiting for you? In fact, everything is a little more complicated. Below you can read why you should avoid such purchases.

Tensioning System

A-Board Sign or portable advertisement is a small billboard, one-sided or two-sided, made in the form of a house, or cut in shape. The Board is very portable, due to this possibility such advertising is not tied to the place and can be moved together with the object of advertising. It usually contains keywords about services or products. Remote advertising distinguishes a company or store among the "neighbors". The photo of the product or the associative image to the offered service is also placed on the board. 

These means of outdoor advertising will not cost you a large sum of money, but their benefits for the company can not be estimated. One of the advantages of boards is their mobility. The boards are extremely easy to use and do not require any special designs. It can only be installed with one person. You can easily move them if you want to change your location. Changing the information on them also does not require much effort. It becomes an ideal marketing option for your business and attracts the attention of many potential customers.


Unsuccessful outdoor advertising can lead to a loss of budget and reduced sales. This is often faced by owners of startups and managers of large enterprises. If outdoor advertising is made of poor quality materials, it will quickly lose its original appearance. An important point is the guarantee of the quality of the A-Boards. If you think that finding a foam board signs cheap you are just lucky, then you are wrong. Due to lower quality materials, the masters reduce the cost of the board, although at first glance it may not differ from the quality one. So getting on an outdoor board signs cheap no one will give you a guarantee of quality goods. 

Every company wants to get the highest quality product for the budget it has invested. For many entrepreneurs, every penny is important. Of course, if your budget is small, you try to save on everything. However, will you be able to save with this option? Definitely not. You may spend less on the time of purchase, but in the future, your A-Board Sign will be used for less time. 

Outdoor cheap board signs for business are not as reliable and if not worn, they can simply suffer from poor environmental conditions. So in the end, it may turn out that you will not only spend more but may go into the red. An economically viable option would still be to buy a more expensive board. 

It can last you longer, cope better with different weather conditions and last you more than one year. So buying a slightly more expensive board you will get a guarantee of year-round advertising of good quality for relatively little money. Of course, not all manufacturers offer pillars of the same quality. А poor, untidy, or shabby sign is not only the need to replace it but the loss of status. 

Therefore, the important points to pay attention to when choosing a company manufacturer of A-Board signs are:

  • the wall thickness of the metal pipe used for the sign frame;
  • the quality of painting the sign frame;
  • the thickness of the galvanized sheet used for the board advertising box;
  • the quality of special adhesive film print on it. 

All these points, with the right choice of a responsible company, will ensure a long service life of the stand and a decent appearance.

Banner Quality

A-Board signs perform several functions: 

  • image;
  • information;
  • advertising. 

If a person passes by in a hurry, they may not notice the signs, but colorful and creative signs are sure to attract attention and even an unconscious buyer may stop to read the information or go inside. The A-Board signs should not work as an irritant to the society, which causes anger in the population but serves as a decoration of the city, and most importantly to inform, sell a product or service. 

After all, no one wants to buy a product (service), if "without getting to know him in person," but seeing his low-quality advertising in the city, will already create a negative impression for the brand. 

The better the sign, the better it looks, which is very important for advertising. By purchasing a low-quality sign, you will make a mistake from the beginning. Your ads will not make the right impression, which can significantly reduce the number of your potential customers. So buying better quality A-Board signs you can get more customers and leave a good impression of your company.

There wasn't much choice

Each company needs to find exactly the A-Board sign that would best reflect it. If you have already imagined what your board should look like and what size it should be. Most likely, when you come to the store you will only be disappointed because it will not be possible to buy such a board as you would like. Another disadvantage of buying cheap boards is the small selection. So, if you have already decided to buy a cheap board, coming to the store you can face another problem. There may also be problems with the size of the material. So you have to look for a way out of what you are offered.