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Floor Graphics

Floor Graphic Printing

  • ● Wayfinding/Directional signage
  • ● Branding 
  • ● Advertising
  • ● Social distancing signage
  • ● Providing important safety information 
  • ● Showcasing team logos at sporting events
  • ● Welcome signage 

Step it up a notch while promoting your brand in a big way across heavily trafficked areas. Premium quality vinyl Floor Graphics are an easy and affordable way to get your message in front of your audience.

Floor space is valuable advertising real-estate that’s often overlooked, but it’s an ideal place to direct traffic, promote a product, or simply showcase a brand. Made with skid resistant laminate, this product is great for indoor advertising that gets noticed. 

Durable and removable scratch-resistant vinyl is made to be walked on, so why not take full advantage of those empty floor spaces you’ve got? Most people watch where they’re going, so the floor happens to be a great place to say, “hey, look at me – I’m a really cool brand!” Folks also spend a lot of time looking down at their smartphones, so why not divert their attention over to the floor?            

Floor Graphics can be fully customized to just about any size, design, and shape specification. Because they’re meant to withstand heavy foot traffic, Floor Graphics are designed to last. After all, we’re talking about signs that people walk on, so they should be ultra durable. Of all the large format products available, the vinyl used to make Floor Graphics is one of the most stable and impervious substrates out there. 

If you have a brand to promote, stop wasting all of that glorious space and start utilizing one of your most valuable assets – the floor! Pressure-sensitive adhesive makes application easy, durable, and Digitek Floor Graphics are a cinch to remove when you’re ready. Laminate, tile, and concrete are all suitable surfaces for floor graphics. 

If you’re living in or traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure to take full advantage of Poster Print Center's fast turnarounds, local delivery and pick-up options. It’s a great way to ensure you’re always prepared for big events, trade shows, and other important meetings or events, even if you get in a last minute order to us. Our products and services are always affordable, and we’ll never sacrifice quality in the name of great value. Remember, we’ve got ya covered! 

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