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Foam Core Posters

Foam Core Poster Printing

  • ● Family portraits
  • ● Marketing and advertising posters
  • ● Hanging artwork
  • ● 3-D popup displays
  • ● Arts and crafts projects
  • ● Custom decorative pieces
  • ● Cost-effective, lightweight and durable solutions
  • ● Beautiful, vibrant presentations
  • ● High-quality and UV-sensitive inks
  • ● Holiday gifts
  • ● Variety of sizes and shapes

Poster printing on foam core is generally viewed as a very affordable way to print vibrant, glossy pictures including school projects, artwork, family photos or trade show poster exhibits. These posters are lightweight, rigid and durable, and have semi-gloss finish. These posters come in a range of thicknesses, can be custom-cut to any desired size, and can be printed single- or dual-sized.

It’s a cost-effective, lightweight and easy to print solution for all of your art, advertising, marketing and decorative needs. Print your high-quality graphics on foam board to create a presentation you can use over and over again. Create a trade show advertisement that will hold up to transport across many meetings and conventions, without concern about fold marks and deterioration that happen with paper.

If you have something that requires specialized cutting, using foam core posters is an ideal solution. It allows you to create photo props, specialized marketing displays and more, including custom 3-D popup displays, and are capable of holding the brightest — and even UV-sensitive — inks at an affordable cost. New business owners swear by the quality and durability of foam core posters, an affordable and gorgeous option for your convention, advertising or trade show needs.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area and need outstanding marketing materials, contact us online. Ask us about free delivery with a minimum order, and if you’re in a hurry, we can offer same-day turnaround for pickup right at our factory. We can even have your project delivered to the hotel or other meeting facility of your choice. Get in touch for more information or to get started today.

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