Advertising Table CoversPromoting a brand is one of the most important components in drawing the attention of prospective customers. Backlit, banners, flags, and brochures are only a few ways to do this. Nowadays, advertising table covers have become an effective tool used at corporate networking events, trade shows, and so on. In other words, it is a perfect option to determine the success of your presentation at the convention hall. 

In this blog post, we are going to dwell on the custom printed table covers, the advantages of using tablecloths, and potential benefits if used for advertising purposes. Read on, to get more useful and interesting information!

What Are Custom Table Covers?

An advertising table cover is also known as a trade show tablecloth. It is a great tool to transform your advertising area. First of all, custom tablecloths cover not only the top of the table but also its sides. That means you get more space to print your brand logo, web address, or other details concerning your business offers. With a large marketing space, the bright table cover printing you, as a business owner, raise awareness and generate customer interest for a relatively low cost. 

Advantage of using a custom printed table cover

As a rule, the trade show is competitive because all the traders are dealing with the same sort of type of product. That is why you need to make your presentation stand out from the others and attract more potential clients. An eye-catching table cover printing is a must because it has numerous advantages. Among them, we define uniqueness, the variability of sizes, materials, and forms of printed table covers. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using printed table cover. 

  1. Business table covers make your product more attractive

As it was mentioned before, a well-made custom table cover is a perfect tool to stand out of the ordinary and express the professionalism and custom-oriented approach of your brand. Placing your company logo on the table cloth immediately signals that the given table belongs to your company. Of course, it is also about the first impression of your company and its image. That is why you need to make your message as clear as possible and pick the right colors and graphics. 

2. Custom printed table covers are portable

They are lightweight so that you can bring your custom table cover anywhere. Your team can do thousands of presentations and reuse the same custom table cover. On the contrary to banners and stands, the tablecloth is easy to set up in a few minutes.

3. Tablecloth for business is easy to store

 Another great thing about custom printed table cover for your trade show or presentation is that it does not need much space to be stored. You can fold it after the meeting and put it into the cupboard because it is as small as a blanket or linen. Of course, keep in mind, everything depends on the material and size you choose.

4. Printed table cloth makes your company look esteemed

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your company look professional is smart branding. It is when the first impression matters. For instance, using a plastic table cover or the very absence of the cover makes your presentation look more primitive and cheap. On the other hand, posh printed table covers make your company look like a professional and trustworthy one.

5. Printing your table cloth is affordable

Due to the higher competition and online shopping accessibility, it becomes cheaper to order a custom printed logo for your company. Besides, there are lots of seasonal sales and special offers from reputable printing services such as the Poster Print Center. 

6. Advertising table covers may be customized

The last and the most important factor why choose a table cover for advertising your brand is its ability to be customized. Everyone knows that customers appreciate uniqueness and recognizability. So, create your unique design, choose a printing center you may trust, and place an order right now.

Table Cover Printing Options

As it was mentioned before, potential clients are more likely to choose a company that looks professional. However, even the experienced business owner may mistake while choosing the best advertising cover for his presentation. The thing is, there are different options of advertising table covers you may choose from. Among them, we distinguish throw, fitted, and stretch table cover.

The throw table cover is a fabric thrown over the table. It drapes down with hanging vertical folds of material. If you are going to enhance the status of your company and create a reacher appearance of the presentation, then the table throws are just for you. 

The fitted table cover fits the edges of the table and hangs down from there. Unlike the throw table cover, the fitted one maximizes the visibility of every single part of the table cover, making the logo of your brand more vivid and clear.

The stretch cover differs from the two previous options because it is made of the material that stretches over your table and to the sides. It is completely tight from the top to the down. In fact, the stretch advertising table covers are perfect for outdoor events and windy areas.

Final thoughts

To sum it up, one should admit that there is a great demand in branding the company. Some inexperienced business owners may be looking for an expensive and unusual marketing decision, believing that it would increase their sales and attract more potential customers. However, there is a cheap and effective alternative - an advertising table cloth. It is a perfect choice for those, looking for a detail, to make the presentation of the brand look “finished”. 

Being an affordable tool of advertising, it is used for years, and it is proved to be one of the most effective options on the market. If interested, place an order on the Poster Print Center website right now.