sales brochure printingCreating a sales brochure can seem like a difficult task, especially if you have never done it before. Chances are that you are thinking of how to make one to generate a positive response. Besides, mailing sales brochures can increase the marketing expense. However, it is crucial that every piece of company literature that you send out leaves a lasting impression. If your brochure is not effective, you will end up losing sales. To help you create an effective brochure, this post shares the top tips of what makes a good brochure.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

The first thing that you need to do to create successful brochures is understood your target audience. There is no point in designing the brochure when you have no knowledge about your customer. Therefore, you have to start with learning more about your customer. Think about why the customer would even buy the product in the first place. Focus on what the product or service can do for them. Then, create a brochure that addresses their concern.

2. Consider the AIDA Approach

AIDA is a popular acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. To ensure that the brochure attracts the attention of your customers, you need to focus on starting the brochure by immediately attracting the attention of your prospects. If your starting is not strong, nobody will read further. Hence, you must raise the desire of customers to purchase your product or service. When you make customers interested enough to desire your product and make a purchase, you get to make the most of the brochure.

3. Avoid Putting the Picture of Your Business Premises

An effective sales brochure is one that is not too sales-focused. You need to keep things simple. Thus, it simply does not make sense to put a picture of your business premises on the brochure. Now, you might be proud of your business. But, you cannot expect the same from customers. They are unlikely to care about what your business building looks like. You should never waste space that could be used for selling your service and convincing customers to make a purchase.

4. Use Images

Humans are visual creatures. This is why it is important that you include images. It will instantly attract customers to take an interest in what you have to offer. Besides, it is easier to decipher an image than to read the text. Customers want to see what your product looks like. Hence, you should include pictures of your products. It will help you to make an effective brochure. Make sure to only use clear and professional images. 

5. Sell

Instead of telling about your product or service, you need to sell it. Customers are not interested in what you have to offer unless you sell it to them. They value their interests. Therefore, to make your brochure effective, you must focus on the advantages that customers will enjoy when they buy from you. Selling is truly an art. It can be learned from experience. The secret to selling is making others realize just how much they need your product. It is as easy as it gets when you know focus on how the product could prove useful to others. 

6. Use Graphics and Headlines

If you want to know how to create a brochure that is effective, you must make use of headlines and graphics. Marketing brochure content instantly draws the attention of prospects. Since the average person takes less than five seconds to go through the cover of the sales brochure, you have to make your brochure pop. This is why it makes sense to include graphics and headlines. Now, if your brochure has boring graphics or headlines, it would not be effective.

7. Aim for Professionalism

No matter how well-written your brochure might be, it would not get the desired response if it has not been properly designed. Confusing fonts, page layouts, and colors can make the brochure difficult to read. Nobody has the time to go through the entire brochure unless you make it captivating to read. If your brochure is not professional, you will be unable to make sales. Design the brochure in such a way that it is instantly recognized by others.  

8. Go for Benefits-Oriented Headlines

The brochure should consist of benefits-oriented headlines. It will help get customers interested. Moreover, prospects just want to skim through headlines and only read those sections that they find interesting. Therefore, if you want them to notice interesting things about your brochure and what you have to offer, you will need to craft headlines that highlight the benefits of using your product or service. The benefits make it easy for customers to focus on the best features of your product or service. This boosts your chance of making a sale.

9. Use Bullet Points

When crafting a brochure, you also need to use bullet points when discussing important points about your product or service. Since nobody has the time to read through heavy-text brochures, you need to break things down for them by using bullet points. It would allow prospects to quickly go through everything that you have to offer and take the desired action. You will be surprised to know just how effective bullet points can be. They will make your life a lot easier than you will be able to get the message across.

10. Think about Readability

To create an effective brochure, you have to think about readability. The most effective brochure is one that is easy to read. Therefore, your aim should be on crafting the brochure in such a way that prospects can easily read it. Gray text on a white background can be difficult to read. The same goes for dark text on dark background. Think about how you can make the brochure readable in order for it to be effective. Use white and black space effectively for the best results.


Once you have read this post, you will have no trouble crafting an effective brochure. Make sure to hire a reputable printing service to ensure that you get the best brochure printed once you have designed it.