Having a sign has always been an integral part of building a strong advertising campaign. What is more, it is a perfect tool to make your business stand out from the others and attract new customers. If you are looking for a cost-effective and durable sign, then you can achieve it with custom metal signs for business. They are perfect for both, modern and traditional business concepts. To make things clear we recommend reading this article to the very end. Be sure, there are lots of interesting facts concerning the use and main benefits of using custom metal business signs.

What is Metal Sign?

To start with, metal is the most popular material of outdoor and indoor signs all around the world. Being strong and light-weight it is a perfect choice to attract the attention of passersby. With the help of modern cutting techniques, you can make the metal sign look like a true work of art. Although, there are different types of material you should choose the best one for your individual needs. Do not forget to discuss your choice with an expert in this sphere.

Also, you should pay more attention to the general characteristics of the custom business signs metal used to meet your expectations. There are four types you should know:

Aluminum - Signs made of aluminum are extremely durable and are perfect to use in high traffic and the worst weather conditions.

Alumalite - It is a corrugated material re-enforced on both sides with rigid aluminum sign panels. It is as durable as an aluminum one, and a little easier to handle and install the finite metal business signs outdoor.

Dibond - It has a lighter weight and less rigidness than the two materials mentioned above. In addition, dibond is a perfect material for mounted and hanging signs. 

ARMOUR-Wood - Reinforced with a wood shell it is much stronger than the materials mentioned above. 

Metal signs can be used for:

● Street signage

● Business signage

● Home decor

● Building signs

● Door signage

● Name signs

● Gifts

● Kitchen signs

When talking about the business signs only, then it is worth mentioning that the metal signs are used both for interior and exterior purposes. It can be a brand logo display, instructional signs, or directional signs.

Here at Poster Print Center, you can create your custom business signs that will accurately reflect your needs and requirements. Nowadays, every entrepreneur wants to stand out and attract maximum attention to the object of their business. One of these options is three-dimensional metal letter signs for business. Such outdoor advertising looks presentable, stylish, and convincing. Besides, it is subconsciously associated with respectability, solidity, and reliability.

It makes sense to create custom metal signs for luxury brands such as jewelry or premium cars store. Or if you provide expensive services such as banking, notary, or you have an elite restaurant. In this case, it may turn out that the banner, LED sign, or lightbox do not look convincing enough.

Metal letters are usually made of stainless steel by plasma cutting. It allows you to experiment, create products of intricate shapes on an individually designed layout that best meets the requirements of the customer. Thanks to this technology it is possible to make an inscription without problems both in strict classical style and in an industrial loft or modern.

It is worth mentioning, that the metal letters are often used together with LED strips that provide a soft but fairly bright backlight. This combination can be successfully used instead of making a lightbox.

So, what are the advantages of metal letters over plastic:

  • more resistant to scratches and mechanical impacts;

  • durability and a good appearance year after year;

  • easy to install and handle;

  • UV safe;

  • resistant to corrosion, oxidation, adverse environmental factors.

In addition to installation on the facades and walls inside the buildings, custom business signs can be used together with other advertising media. For instance, they can decorate the exhibition stand. However, it is better to use plastic signs with a metal plate.

In fact, color printing on specialized plates of steel or aluminum is considered the most common method. It offers the unique photographic quality of printing that makes this method popular, thanks to its versatility, with a wide choice of metal for sublimation.

Various plates and signs made of metal, by sublimation method, are easily attached to the wall, on the glass of the metal-plastic door, on the office door, as well as on other surfaces. Experts recommend using decorative fasteners, double-sided tape, and screws to attach the finished sign to the surface.

Thanks to the modern technologies of printing on a vast variety of material, Poster Print Center can choose the most accurate color that will meet the client’s personal preferences or corporate style requirements. We understand that even the slightest deviation from the desired color can cause significant damage to the company's image.

Metal signs are affordable

The creation of a customized sign is a time-consuming process that requires special efforts.  It is due to the fact that the sign determines the first impression of the visitor. Poster Print Center guarantees:

  • affordable price;

  • individual and practical approach;

  • focus on quality results

  • a high-quality service that you can appreciate by becoming our client;

Depending on the size and material the price of your sign may vary. But still, you should remember that the metal signs last up to 10 years and don’t damage because of the weather condition or poor care. So, do not hesitate, contact the manager of the printing center near you and the manager will provide you will all the information you are interested in. Our San Francisco signage company is always ready to satisfy all your printing needs. We ship nationwide and offer the next-day turnaround on most digitally printed products.