Retractable BannerNowadays, both corporate and small companies print retractable banners to achieve their marketing goals. It is a convenient and versatile form of advertising. Being often used in environments such as presentations, sporting events, trade shows, or conferences it provides many benefits in the promotional sphere. Find, the most common benefits of using retractable banners in this blog post.

What is a Retractable Banner?

As the name describes, the banner can easily be rolled up. A retractable banner is a free-standing banner used by a modern traveling salesman. These banners are not only easy to carry, but they are also extremely convenient to deliver to an exhibition or presentation. That is why it can be a great way to notify the new products or promotions!

  • Easy to use

The simple setup is the main advantage of retractable banners. All you need is to pull out the banner of the base and attach a couple of pieces to the stand. Keep in mind, you don’t need special tools and skills to assemble and disassemble your custom retractable banner for the next use. 

  • Flexibility

The retractable banner is easy to move and transport due to its lightweight and compactness. Unlike three-dimensional letters and lightboxes, it does not require a backlight and additional assistance.

  • Durability

Assuming the retractable banner is made well it should continue to last you year after year. It can be used in the worst weather conditions. The image will remain attractive. By the way, no additional processing is required to protect the printed image from fading.

  • Customizability

Having years of experience in this industry Poster Print Center will provide the unique banner to the required specification to capture the customer’s attention. You will have an option to print whatever you want and even design a series of banners to meet all of your needs. Our banners and posters come in a variety of sizes to suit your business needs. You can also control the creation of the banner, its design, style, and colors. Besides, when making banner ads, you can choose what type of material you want to use. 

  • Eye-popping graphics

A retractable banner is the best option to grab the attention of the public as it is as tall as a human and can be placed wherever you want. The company’s message you want to get across will be perfectly seen to the customer. A great way to attract customers to your business is to print a banner with a unique design. Digital printing guarantees the beautiful and "vivid" colors of your retractable banner design. You don't need to be a design expert to create an eye-catching banner. Ordering a banner online has now become much easier. It is enough to upload the layout directly to the site and select the appropriate options. That’s it!

  • Affordability

This type of outdoor advertising is also popular because it is affordable. Marketing and promotion budget management is an important part of any business. Reducing banner printing costs will be a great reason to order an additional banner ad or any other promotional product.

  • Effectiveness

Every business should represent itself to new and potential customers, as well as to clearly define the range of its services. It is important to remember about brevity in messages. If the texts are too verbose when printing on banners, you risk losing the attention and interest of your target audience. Interaction with the audience will be more effective if the message is concise and contains a clear call to action.

  • Reusability

The quality and durability of our banners make it possible to reuse them. It works best if you have an event planned - a trade show or conference. So you can understand for which events you can use the same banner, and for which you need a separate one. For example, for celebrating important corporate holidays, printing a banner for a photo zone is quite suitable.

How does a Retractable Banner Work?

Unlike facade signs, retractable banners can be used to solve a wider range of tasks. With their help, it is possible, for example, to close a facade or a show-window of the repaired shop, at the same time having placed the message on the date of opening. Also, the banner can be used as a navigation sign for passers-by. It is inexpensive and visible from afar. The best places to install are as follows: at the intersection, in parking lots and shopping malls, above the road, on the walls and canopies of buildings.

However, the banner is a temporary solution. As a permanent advertisement, we recommend using lightboxes or metal signs. Here you can apply for the manufacture of lightboxes, three-dimensional light letters, and other media that last a long time and attract attention. To order outdoor advertising in San Francisco Bay Area, call us or send a request by e-mail.

How to Use Retractable Banner Stand?

Retractable banner stands are a set of light constructions for advertising events and various exhibitions. The advantage of such stands is quick and easy installation, mobility, and reusability. Such advertising constructions are simple in operation, due to the complete set they are disassembled and easily transported. Thanks to a combination of various advertising stands, it is possible to represent the company at a trade show or other related actions (seminars, conferences, forums).

What are the Dimensions for a Retractable Banner?

The quality of a banner largely depends on two important components: the quality of the material and the quality of the print. Poster Print Center offers up to 24 x 80” retractable banner size. Printed with the most modern technology our retractable banner sizes will impress you a lot. For more information or to place your order, contact us right now!