Vinyl BannerWhen choosing an advertising banner, the question of the base material immediately arises. For you, to keep in mind, mesh and vinyl are mainly used today. Besides, modern large format printing allows you to apply a colorful image on both materials. But they still differ in some features that should be considered before making a final choice. In this article, we are going to dwell on the advantages of mesh and vinyl banners and their difference.

What is a Vinyl Banner?

A vinyl banner is a popular method of advertising, which is widely used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Vinyl banners are multi-use and eye-catching signs that can be found everywhere from the bakery in front of your house to the office building of a big corporation in the city center. So, what are the main benefits of vinyl banners?

Benefits of Vinyl Banner:

1. Strength and durability. Vinyl banners can be used outdoor, and they will not deteriorate under the influence of rain, wind, snow.

2. Colors will not fade with year-round outdoor use. It is possible to cover your banner with ultraviolet protection. Thanks to this, the image will not fade for 3-5 years. The same coating cannot be applied to fabrics.

3. You get vivid colors like digital photos. You can make a completely opaque banner.


  1. The banner is wrinkled and the creases are not smoothed well.

  2. Vinyl banners cannot be folded. They can only be rolled up.

  3. Large items are heavy and can be difficult to store.

  4. Vinyl can sometimes look "cheap" compared to mesh.

What is a Mesh Banner?

Mesh banners are completely different from the vinyl banners, which were mentioned above. Mesh banners are more expensive than vinyl, and they are more resistant to tearing. You can easily recognize the mesh banner because it is a sign with lots of small holes that allow wind and water to pass through. As a rule, mesh banners are one-sided, light, and created with the help of UV. 

Benefits of Mesh Banner:

  1. Easy to fold without wrinkling. They are smoothed out much easier than in the case of vinyl.

  2. The banner can be stored in a bag or drawer, not just in a tube.

  3. Lightness, convenient transportation, and storage.

  4. They often look more "expensive".

  5. Beautiful vibrant colors.

  6. When photographing, the mesh absorbs the bright light of the flash rather than reflecting it. As a result, it improves the quality of the pictures.


  1. The Mesh banner may require additional maintenance before use. For example, ironing. It is often necessary to iron your banner after long-term storage.

  2. The images look great on the mesh but are brighter on vinyl.

  3. Since the material is lightweight, it does not stretch under its weight. When installing, you need to stretch the product so that no folds remain on it.

  4. The mesh is not suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Vinyl Banner or Mesh Banner? Which Is Right for Your Needs?

In general, both vinyl and mesh are good options for printing banner ads. So, consider the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl banner materials and mesh banner materials when making your final choice. 

When you use outdoor advertising, thousands of people see it every day. Accordingly, this is one of the most advantageous ways to advertise your products and company to consumers. The most common type of ad is a banner. Since the banner stays in the street for a long period, being exposed to moisture, temperature extremes, wind, ultraviolet radiation, special requirements are imposed on the materials used for its production. In this case, advertising should be colorful, expressive, bright, and the material should be preserved under the influence of external factors. In this case, the mesh is the perfect printing material.

The mesh banner is less prone to deformation and is particularly durable. High strength is the main difference between a mesh banner and a vinyl one. It is used for outdoor advertising for a period from two months to one year or more. 

The vinyl banner is used in the manufacture of Big Boards, large-sized signboards, firewalls, banners, signage.

Mesh banner production technology is much easier and faster. It consists of gluing: the upper layers of PVC film are applied to the mesh, which is the main layer. The lifespan of a laminated banner is less than a mesh one. It is more often used for advertising printing in the summer. At low temperatures, it turns into a brittle material.

A vinyl banner is used in the manufacture of exhibition stands, X-banners, posters, for interior decoration. And the mesh is used for theatrical decorations, large-format advertising media, and for masking the facades of buildings that are in a state of repair.

And keep in mind, the installation process for vinyl and mesh banners is identical. To sum it up, the only things that may vary while you make a choice between mesh and vinyl banners are their cost, because mesh banner is more expensive than the vinyl one and more durable. So, consider the purpose of printing a banner and you will choose the best one.

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